About Me

Hi! I’m Jazmin! I’m an insurance agency owner and I help run my husband’s construction company. I’d like to help others avoid the wrong turns and expensive lessons as a first time small business owner. Here’s my story.

About Me

Welcome to Hablando Money! I extend a warm welcome, hoping that your journey here uncovers precisely what you’ve been seeking, even if you didn’t realize it was missing from your life. As a Latina small business owner navigating an industry where women are often confined to service work, I deeply understand the challenges and the lack of representation when it comes to finding mentors who truly resemble and think like you. Let me tell you, I am a planner and an overthinker, but getting fired pushed me into the world of entrepreneurship- owning my own insurance agency was in the later later plans.

I got fired, and it was solely due to my inability to perform at work. Since then, I’ve learned that I’m a high-functioning ADHDer (it’s been quite a journey to unpack this realization. My mental health circa 2020 to 2021 was in shambles thanks to postpartum depression, the weight of COVID lockdowns, and working from home with a one year old who was almost boob free (my freedom was put on hold for those precious antibodies). Surprisingly, you wouldn’t have known it from the smile I plastered on my face for the world to see. Little did I know then that it was masking—a coping mechanism commonly found among those with ADHD. I’m genuinely grateful I was fired; it changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Apparently, all I needed was some therapy, a tiny bit of Adderall, and a business coach—sounds simple, right? Well, let me tell you, as a hyper-independent Mexicana and the first daughter of immigrants, I’ve always been the go-to problem-solver. The fixers aren’t supposed to need fixing ever; it’s a commandment in the Bible or something. I cope with dark humor, sarcasm, and junk food. Luckily for you, I’ve since learned the power of asking for help (okay, okay… I’m still learning). But the key lies in taking that first step, knowing that it doesn’t have to be perfect—it just has to be.

Ya’ll (we say that in Kansas okay) I had to build a team. An entire team has saved my life: Miriam Njoku (my therapist), my business coach, and my husband. Read that again! An ENTIRE team- asking them for help was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Let me tell you about my business coach, she deserves a whole paragraph- my husband as well but he wants nothing to do with the internets.

My business coach is the extraordinary Vanessa Foster, owner of Foster Consulting. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and played a pivotal role in shaping my current mindset with her invaluable guidance and unwavering support. I attended an insurance conference and actually engaged in conversations with strangers—because I’ll be damned if I pay someone to help me and not get my money’s worth. The instinct to run the other way was strong, but I had an assignment to complete. I had the opportunity to speak with one of my insurance nerd tech heroes in person for about 30 minutes, mostly because I upgraded to a VIP dinner and he happened to be stuck at the same table as me. I’m about 95% certain that if the thought of reporting my failure wasn’t greater than my social anxiety, I would have talked myself out of attending that event.

When you explore the content I provide, you’ll quickly discover that hyperfocus is not just a buzzword—it’s a genuine phenomenon and my superpower. I will come with receipts and provide the source- so you too can DIY. However, there are certain areas where I tap out and plan to bring in experts. Taxes, for example—trust me, no sean codos—you need a badass mothertrucker CPA, because when the IRS wants something, they always find a way to get it, and you don’t want to be on their hit list.

I wish you all the success in your journey and encourage self care it is important to rest when you ar you to rest when you are tired


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