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Jazmin Hernandez De Varlack, HBIC

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Blog Posts

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Credit ➤ October 20, 2023

Funding Your Startup One Boot Strap At a Time

When passion exceeds budget, creativity is key. We tapped into personal and business credit, financing options like vendor financing to get our company off the ground. Though the road wasn’t easy, determination and thinking outside the box allowed us to make our dream a reality.

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Homeowners Insurance ➤ July 12, 2023

Understanding Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Knowing the different coverages in your homeowner’s insurance policy is essential for protecting your most valuable asset – your home. From dwelling coverage that protects the physical structure to personal property coverage that safeguards your belongings, understanding these coverages ensures you have the right level of protection in case of unexpected events like fire, theft, or natural disasters. Stay informed about the coverages available to you and make informed decisions to secure your home and belongings. #HomeownersInsurance #InsuranceCoverage #ProtectYourHome

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